7 Steps for ITSM Tool Implementation Success

7 Steps for ITSM Tool Implementation SuccessIt’s easy to think that after a long selection and procurement process, signing the agreement for a new ITSM tool signifies the end. But really, this is far from the truth. You now need to implement the tool, and this is where the project really starts and where you need to make it work.

If you’re currently at this stage of your Service Desk transformation, or, if you’re still in theselection stage, ITSM Consultant Barclay Rae has some great tips and advice to share with you in regards to how to best implement a new ITSM tooland therefore, make the project a success.

To quote Barclay, “The success of software implementation depends on a number of cultural, organisational, personal factors and management skills all coming together to achieve clarity and synergy. That doesn’t happen by chance.”

So, here are the seven steps that Barclay recommends everyone take to secure a successful implementation:

  • Engage and listen to your customers
  • Build a structure of services based on business outcomes
  • Invest in the Service Desk
  • Get problem management working
  • Report on useful stuff
  • Get all of IT working together
  • Change and sell the pitch

Barclay also recommends that organisations look for a vendor that fits their approach and needs as “a tool won’t deliver improved service quality, but the right vendor might help you to achieve it.”

Also critical is for both parties to start to engage with a project once the procurement decision is made and the vendor and product are selected. “It can be too easy for either or both parties to relax into a state of ‘right, that’s done’ and to expect more from the other party than is actually contracted for.’

If you’re interested in this topic and would like to gain even more ‘must do’ tips for tool providers and implementing organisations, access Barclay’s recent webinar on Successful ITSM Tool Implementation with ITSM Goodness.

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