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A Help desk is an assistance process that deals with several problems occurred in an organization. It provides troubleshoot or similar kind of help to users resides in a company. The help desk basically performs its requests via help desk software. 
In the mid  research by Iain Middleton of Robert Gordon University a  studied the motive of an organization’s help desks. The help desk helps in reducing various technical problems over a common network. The various departments include in this are:
Network department

IT department

Technicians department

Help desk staff and Employee department.
A Help Desk is a process defined for IT users to contact directly whenever they face any problems related to their IT services. An IT Help Desk will meet the most important need of the end users, it will get them operational as fast as possible. Thus, the Help Desk will be a resource in order to enable the enterprise to meet their strategic goals. It consists of a help desk staff within a company that responds to user’s technical questions through software. Queries can be responded through e-mails or sms. Accessible through a single point of contact, provides ease of accessibility & saves a lot of time spending during paper work. Reports on the types, trends, and volume of logged problems will be created in order to find out the exact status. Each issue is grouped by responses and each activity is tracked by help desk staff members. The technical problems are resolved by various service engineers. If the issue cannot be resolved by a particular service engineer, then the issue will be routed to the appropriate referral within IT until resolved.

It took too much time for logging problems on a paper and then sends it to different departments one by one. In order to overcome this, there arises the need of IT HELP DESK to get rid of all your IT related problems in a faster manner.It is a software suite that enables user support or support desk agents to receive process, resolve and respond to their service requests via ticket system. Also you  need to worry about severs or software up gradations. IT help desk software that empowers users with ticket conversion, trouble ticket email notifications, time to time status notifications, track work time, a self-service through an inbuilt mechanism. IT Help Desk software whose features include Web Based Software, PO Generation, Knowledge Base AMC details, User details, organizational details, vendor details, item group details, software license management, inventory management etc. Help Desk Process ticket is the phrase used to describe an electronic document that consists of all the necessary details about a request for assistance from an internal end user. Such a ticket allows user to better track and resolve issues such as defective products, software licensing, installations, software bugs, and other issues like that. 
Users appreciate having a single point of contact over a network to get help for their issues. It provides users with the answers they need for their technical issue. This software that makes it easier for the users running the help desk to quickly find solutions to common questions through knowledge base. It provides support for hardware configurations, software configurations, asset monitoring, software licensing, and Inventory management by performing reports and queries. The information on a Help Desk Process ticket is routed and tracked by a help desk department through helpdesk software system.
IT Help Desk is easy to access and is ready to use as soon as you create an account. IT HELP DESK offers help desk users the right set of features that are simple and easy to use. Tracking through emails, sms and phone calls made it easier to use, as it manages the requests with several automated process. Several problems related to compliance management and regarding complex IT infrastructure will be resolved through this software.

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